How to fix the most common outlook pii error?

Error message [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] means there’s a glitch in Microsoft Outlook. It signifies that the software application is facing issues due to Outlook [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 as a result of a problem in SMTP. error code [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6], shows there’s a problem with the SMTP process.

The issue with the username, password, or authentication procedure is common, and so, here are the methods by which you can fix it.

Method 1

Auto repair tool 

You can get access to the auto repair tool for Microsoft Outlook that will help in solving the issue. The auto repair tool will help in the diagnosis of the software and will give you a possible fix. When you see that none of the other ways is working effectively, all you will have to do so just take the support from the Microsoft support Centre. They will be helping you in dealing with the problem in the live chat online and will help you to get the needed results by fixing the issue.

• Go to Control Panel>>> Attributes and Programs

• Locate Microsoft Outlook 

• Select all the alternatives

• locate the error 

• Select Edit>>> Repair

• Windows automatically runs using Wizard 

Method 2


With the uninstallation of the outdated program and Reinstallation of the new program, you can rest assured about overcoming the issues. [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] is common whenever there are errors or problems during the installation. In case you’re uninstalling Office before installation of the new version, then it happens so that the office files do not get deleted. 

But in case you are having the version of the office that includes Outlook, you may be wanting to backup the outlook data file. Find and transfer the outlook data file from one computer to the other.

Reinstall using the following steps:

• Open Control Panel 

• Choose Program and Features

• Go to Microsoft Office 365

• Double click Microsoft Office 365

• Follow on-screen instructions. It helps with uninstallation

• Reinstall Microsoft Outlook

• Create a new account

• Add it to Outlook

• See if email works

Method 3

Checking server requirement settings

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook
  2. Select Tools
  3. Tap on Accounts
  4. Locate account creating the error
  5. Select Properties
  6. Check ID to let it go following the email server.
  7. Select More Settings
  8. Click on the outgoing server tab 
  9. Enable it
  10. Locate advanced tab 
  11. Check whether POP and SMTP settings are the same as email host
  12. Select OK that will save settings
  13. Restart Outlook after clicking OK
  14. Check to confirm the [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] is no more creating issues

Final words

[pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] is the common error message. We have discussed the number of possible reasons you’re experiencing glitches. Follow the methods mentioned above and fix it.

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