5 Youtube’s Tricks that you Might be not Known Yet

Do you like to watch the videos on Youtube? As we know, Youtube is a popular video streaming site. There are many kinds of videos that are available on Youtube. However, there are some tips that maybe still not be known by many people while they are on Youtube. Here are the tricks that can be new information for you and it maybe will be usefull for you as the Youtube user.

1. Run the Videos Specifically. Do you want to share your Youtube videos to your friend in the specific time? You can do that with a little trick. You can edit the link of the Youtube video that you want to share. For an example, if you want to share a video in the minute of 1:20, you can just simply copy the link and add #t=01m20s. It means that this video will be sent in the specific time of 1 minute and 20 seconds.

2. Watch the Videos Over and Over. Sometimes when you found a funny video, you are always wanted to play the video over and over. There is a simple way for not playing the video manually. You can always play the video with the infinitelooper. It so easy, you just can simply change the Youtube address into infinite looper. For the example is: http://www.infinitelooper.com/watch?v=zDiNQCQKcwl

3. Automatically Plays the HD Videos. When you were played the video on Youtube, usually the quality is lower based on the internet connectivity that is maybe unstable. If you were not wanted this happen you can use the magic actions for youtube for Chrome or Firefox. With this extension you can watch the videos with the HD Quality by adjusting the Auto HD option.

4. Watching Youtube with the Slow Internet Connection. Youtube is also released the feature of featherbeta. This feature is can be enjoyed for the Youtube users with the slow interbet connection. So, you can still watch the video on you tube with the average quality. How this feature works is by saving some bytes from the video streaming speed on your browser. With this feature from Youtube, now you are not need to be worried again because you can play the videos on youtube even with the slow internet connection.

5. The Accurate Video Searching. Did you ever experienced that you cannot find the videos that you want to see on Youtube? Actually there are some tricks that you can do to get the right video as you want and it needs an accurate keyword. The way is by adding the allintitle: before the keyword that you want to search on Youtube. With this way, it will be easier for you to find the appropriate video as you want. Try this trick and you will love it.

So, above are some tricks that you can practice when you want to watch the videos on Youtube. Now, you already known the tricks and you can share it to your friend. Good luck!

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