5 Basic Poker Strategy Tips For Beginners

Poker is an online gaming platform where one can learn and earn and can grow with it. Aggressive gameplays in Poker pays, but one should be patient also. It requires good observable skills, we must observe our opponent’s gameplay. We should play this game for the long term and should always develop our skill sets. 

  1. Learn the rules, the positions, and the poker hands, and the Ranking

It is the very first step that we and most other players want to take. Learning the general rules for Poker can be found to be easy, and anyone will require some time dealing with these rules and understanding them. Like what the Poker Hand Ranking is. We should have a clear idea about the poker ranking and we should not waste our valuable decision and time thinking about that. 

A poker ranking looks like a table containing all the Royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, Two pairs, One Pair, and No pair.

It is always valuable to learn about the positions before continuing to play the game and going ahead. The position plays a very important part in the Poker gameplay. So, we would say that it is one of the most important tips to learn for any beginner to begin their journey with Poker.

  1. Starting With Low Stakes Can Help In Understanding The Poker Strategy Better

The main motive here for you should be learning the game and the strategy of Poker and not to Play games at High Stakes and earn. Therefore just concentrate on learning the strategies better and play for lower stakes in the starting. In the beginning, we will find it more comfortable knowing that we are not risking a lot of money, and even if we lose some money at the beginning that will not give us much pressure, and loss.

  1. Finding the Best Games 

If we find the best games then it will give us more and more drastic change and can increase our EV. Always look for the best game formats like some rooms and other MTTs

Go and research when the traffic is at its peak 

  1. Play safely and securely

Play Tight But Aggressive Gameplay

Many players all across the world who are Amateur make the mistake of playing too wide and opening too many Texas Holdem hands.

  1. Use Position Perfectly

There are a variety of options and a huge chunk of information, which we can take into consideration. For example, observing that the opponent is checking quickly can indicate that they may have a weak hand and so we can decide to bluff about that. Having a position is very crucial in the game of Poker.


It is very crucial to decide which hands to play and continue as this position is one of the most important factors to consider. You should play very tight from the early positions. The most promising and profitable position in the game of Poker is Button (BTN) and Poker has become one of the most famous games all across the world. The position should always be taken under consideration while learning and playing the game of Poker.

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