When Should You Choose CBD Topicals for Your Dog

With CBD becoming more and more popular for treating various conditions in humans, it’s no surprise that you might be interested in what CBD can do for your dog too.

CBD has shown promise in helping with pain management, inflammation, seizures, and anxiety, just to name a few benefits, all things that your dog might struggle with from time to time.

But before deciding whether to use CBD topical for dogs, you should consider the following conditions.


CBD can help your dog with arthritis by reducing pain and inflammation. CBD works well with other pain management treatments you may already be using, like NSAIDs or opioids. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can also give relief to your dog’s osteoarthritis without taking too many medications.

Pain Relief

CBD can also be used to help relieve your pup’s pain. While it’s not a pain reliever itself, CBD has been shown to work well with other natural pain-relieving compounds. If you notice that your dog isn’t sleeping as soundly, as usual, a little CBD might do wonders. Just apply directly to their skin or give them a drop under their tongue.


There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that CBD is helpful in seizure control. Many owners have reported a reduction in seizures from using CBD topical for dogs. 

And since different dogs have different tolerances to medications, finding what works best can be tricky. It’s probably best, to begin with, low doses and work your way up if you don’t notice any results after a week.


Most common in young dogs, allergies are often caused by grasses and other allergens. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that can relieve allergy symptoms and help your pup live a fuller life. 

CBD topicals, including balms, lotions, and oils, are all-natural alternatives to steroids or standard NSAIDs. Make sure to talk with your vet before giving CBD oil to an animal.

Cancer and Tumor

The healing properties of CBD topical for dogs are so versatile that many dog owners use it to treat or manage their pet’s cancer. As dogs age, they’re more likely to suffer from tumors. 

These ailments, depending on where they develop in your pup, can cause pain and discomfort. CBD oils can help relieve symptoms in pets with cancer, including inflammation and pain associated with chemotherapy treatments.

Digestive Disorders

CBD tropical contains an exciting blend of botanicals that support digestion. CBD is an all-natural, synergistic blend of different cannabinoids, each targeting a specific animal disorder. 

Full-spectrum hemp extract is blended with full-spectrum organic oil to create a healthy supply of lipids to support your dog’s skin and coat health, immune system, brain, joints, bones, and digestion. 

CBD tropical can also help reduce the buildup of unwanted bacteria in the gut and promote a healthy inflammatory response within your dog.

Anxiety and Stress

There are different types of anxiety disorders in dogs. These include separation anxiety, car sickness, noise phobia, and so on. At times it becomes difficult for owners to address them on their own.

CBD topical for dogs is an all-natural supplement that can help deal with the anxiety and stress in your dog. It is made of hemp-derived CBD oil, which contains no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). 

It helps to relieve stress in your dog by infusing slight intoxication and change of mood. The compound in this dietary supplement helps to combat chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

 Final Thoughts

The most common way of giving CBD to your pet is by adding it to their food or applying a little drop under the tongue. Small dogs will generally need 1 mg per pound of body weight, while larger dogs require 2 mg per pound. The healthy benefits of CBD topical are many and can be explored to help dogs with different conditions. 

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