Mausoleum and what you need to know about them

Ashes to diamonds or a mausoleum? The following are things that you need to know before you opt out for a mausoleum: 

What is a mausoleum? 

It is a building that holds the remains of a loved one or several deceased people above the ground. Some mausoleums are built for just a single body, while for others, they are large structures that house several. 

After you are done with a funeral service, the body gets placed in a small room that is within the mausoleum which is large enough for the casket only. The room is referred to as a crypt, and the process of having to place the casket in the crypt is referred to as entombment. 

Certain crypts are designed for holding a single casket while for others, it can hold two, allowing couples or other relatives to be entombed in one. There are certain mausoleums which include an indoor for the visitors, with some having benches and chairs.  

For some, they are even controlled climatically. For other mausoleums, they don’t have this particular option and the visitors only have to access the outside structure. For several years, the mausoleums have been used with the most notable examples being the Taj Mahal and the grant tomb, and the Egyptian pyramids. 

Types of mausoleums 

There are a variety of mausoleums that are available to suit the needs of various people. They include: 

Chapel/indoor mausoleum 

A chapel or indoor mausoleum includes an indoor area. Typically, it is a room or several rooms in the center of the mausoleum, and it is surrounded by the crypts where the bodies get stored. In the chapel mausoleum, the room will get set up to be able to accommodate the funeral service and private moments for reflection. But you need to know that, not all indoor mausoleums are focused religiously. Certain indoor rooms include only benches or chairs where the visitors sit. 

Garden mausoleum 

The garden mausoleum does not have an indoor room for visitors. It is a structure that is constructed for the crypts only and if you wish to visit, you have to do so outdoor like you would do when visiting a gravesite in the ground. 

Public mausoleum 

It is an open one for anyone who decides to purchase a space. Most families will have the remains of their loved ones there. They normally have large structures, sometimes accommodating thousands of bodies. But you have to know that, not all of them are large, and they might house only a small number depending on the style and cemetery. 

Family mausoleum  

The family mausoleum or the private mausoleum isn’t open to public use. It is owned by a particular family and that is where they entomb their loved ones. They are mostly small as compared to the public mausoleums. But, there is no limit to their size as the family has an option to choose whatever size of mausoleum depending on the availability of money. 

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