Win Big in The Last Goal Scorer Market: Tips For Success

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it is no surprise that there is a huge market for w88yes betting on the outcome of matches. One of the most popular markets is the last goal scorer market, where punters can place bets on which player they think will score the last goal of the match. This can be a great way to make some extra money, but it is important to know how to approach this market if you want to be successful.

The Benefits of betting on the last goal scorer:

1. There is usually great value to be found in this market.

2. It can be a great way to add excitement to watching a match.

3. You can often find good opportunities to trade out of your position before the end of the match, either for a profit or to cut your losses.

Tips for a successful betting outcome:

1) Pay attention to form: It is important to pay attention to form when betting on the last goal scorer markets. This means taking into account a player’s recent performances, as well as any injuries or suspensions that they may have.

If a player has been in good form and is likely to start the match, then they are a good bet. However, if they are carrying an injury or are suspended, then it is best to avoid them.

2) Look at the teams: Another important factor to consider is the relative strength of the two teams. If one team is clearly stronger than the other, then it is more likely that they will score the last goal. Conversely, if both teams are evenly matched, then the last goal could go either way.

3) Consider the game situation: It is also important to think about the game situation when placing a bet on the last goal scorer market. If a team is led by a few goals and is unlikely to score again, then it is probably not worth betting on their players. However, if a team is losing and is likely to push for an equalizer, then their players are more likely to score the last goal.

4) Look for value: Finally, it is always important to look for value when betting on any market. This means finding bets where the odds are in your favor. For example, if you think that a player is going to score the last goal, but their odds are 3/1, then you are getting value for your bet. However, if you think a player is only going to score the last goal and their odds are 1/3, then the bet is not worth placing.


The key to winning in this market is to have a good understanding of the teams involved and their strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to know about any injuries or suspensions that could impact the last goal scorer market. Having this knowledge will give you a big advantage over the average punter who is just placing a bet based on their favorite team or player.

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