CBD Oil For Senior Cats

Owning a cat entails a level of responsibility comparable to that of having a new kid! That is why it is crucial to ensure that their health is being prioritized, especially as they age. One thing you can do to ensure a better experience for your senior pets during old age is to keep them pain-free.

If you own a cat, you’re probably aware that their body deteriorates over time, just like any other living thing. Hence, it’s necessary to keep an eye on your cats and make sure they’re happy and healthy. As they age, they tend to be weaker, and hence, they will begin to look towards other medicines. 

Furthermore, they are more prone to having health problems both physically and mentally. Thus, it would be best to safeguard their health by making important lifestyle changes to make them less susceptible to chronic diseases.

Among the alternative treatments used, one is CBD oil. This guide will surely help you learn about CBD oil for your cats as they age. 

Signs Of Aging

As a feline owner,each day brings an opportunity to spend time with your beloved pets. You sometimes spend so much time with them that aging patterns become difficult to identify, and sometimes even become completely unrecognizable. But these signs (read more) could be present in your cats, so be sure to check for:

  • Less mobility
  • Changes in behavior
  • Aggression
  • Low in appetite
  • Anxiety

Age Is Just A Number: CBD To Battle Aging

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural compound found in the resinous flowers of cannabis plants. It exists in marijuana and hemp plants, but hemp is the most prominent source for safety and legality. The long-held use of cannabidiol to treat certain illnesses in humans has been found beneficial for household pets as well, including our felines. 

Although CBD has been one of the sources of controversy for nearly a decade of prohibition, numerous scientific studies have been done to ensure that it is safe for use. Researchers have found that the compound cannot cause intoxication to those who use it, unlike its sister-compound THC (the psychotropic component of marijuana that makes its users high).

Due to these findings, hemp cultivation was legalized under the Farm Bill in 2018. As long as the product does not contain more than 0.3% THC, it is categorized as medical-grade hemp and is safe for human and animal consumption. Moreover, experts say that cannabidiol is safe for our beloved cats as long as it is used in moderation and proper dosage. 

Applying CBD Oil

There are definitely a variety of CBD-infused products on the market. Some companies produce cannabidiol (CBD) products that are cat-specific, like treats and cbd oil for cats by holistapet to provide more natural options for cat health care. But CBD oil is by far the easiest and the most convenient product to use to address your feline’s health issues.  

This can be used topically as well as sublingually. In applying topically, you can gently massage the oil on their coats and paws after a long day of playing (and hunting!). This will provide them with enough time to relax and move their joints, allowing them to get a decent night’s sleep and rest.

Furthermore, to administer it sublingually, you can start by first using a few drops to apply the oil directly to your cat’s nose and mouth. As soon as your cat sees the product, they will become curious and try to figure out what it is. Once you’ve gotten the proper dose of medicine, it’s easier to know whether they like it if they keep licking the dropper. Just be careful and give your cat only a few drops at a time, or maybe try mixing it on their food.

Therapeutic Effects

  • Anxiety Relief 

Your cats surely have a variety of situations that can make them frightened. There is an efficient and effective way to be safe and reduce anxiety in your cats without causing any adverse side effects, and this is CBD (cannabidiol). Especially when your senior cats are being left alone, it is more likely to have a higher chance for them to experience stress and anxiety. 

CBD showed anti-anxiety, anti-epileptic, and antipsychotic properties, according to a 2018 study published in Frontiers in Immunology. By means of this, it could certainly be effective in lowering the stress-related depression in your cats. It helps you to worry less regarding your cat’s anxiety.

  • Pain And Inflammation

One of CBD’s main claims to fame is decreasing inflammation and relieving chronic pain in felines. Also, as they age, their body ligaments degenerate. They’re more prone to pain and inflammation because there would be no cushion that will protect their bones as they move around. 

Although there are no sufficient studies (yet) to support this claim, there is several anecdotal evidence from real-time pet owners who use CBD oil for aging pets— from a weak feline having their mojo back. 

  • Appetite And Metabolism 

Cats are typically picky eaters. You know how stressful it is to convince them to eat when they are worried, facing an illness, or receiving specific treatments. By means of treatment, you can use cannabidiol to increase their appetite and reduce your cats’ sickness.

Moreover, cannabidiol is derived from a hemp strain that is devoid of psychotropic characteristics. CBD oil can effectively be used to improve a cat’s appetite and help them bring it back to its healthy situation. In this case, you can be sure to utilize it to treat your pets’ variety of conditions with the supervision of professional vet care, of course!

Suppose your cat has been afflicted with inflammatory bowel disease. In that case, the condition’s symptoms may have caused them to lose their appetite .

Cannabidiol can typically relieve nausea and calm an upset stomach, which allows your cat to start eating again. That’s why you can choose CBD for your cats with a reduced appetite because it has anti-inflammatory qualities. 

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